Breed: Kelpie X
Age: 5 1/2 months


Bio: Banjo is a five month old Kelpie x. In most ways he is a typical adolescent dog, cheeky and experimenting with just about anything he can think of. We have been working on issues like jumping up, excitement barking, stealing stuff and chewing. He is a very responsive young man, highly intelligent and keen to learn. He is able to sit and drop, “stay” in position, heel and is learning to recall. He walks well on lead. Banjo is very friendly, both with dogs and all people that he meets, sometimes too friendly. He gets jumpy and pushy when meeting people for the first time and will need continuing guidance about what types of greetings are acceptable. Dogs who are nervous or shy would find him pushy and in their face to the point where they might snap as he doesn’t yet understand that they wouldn’t all want to meet him and play with him. He will play a bit rough with a likeminded personality.
Banjo has a history of food aggression and guarding behaviours. We have been working hard on these issues since he first came into our care, and we are confident that the possessiveness no longer poses any concern, but the food aggression – manifesting primarily towards humans but potentially also towards other dogs – could resurface if he is placed into the wrong situation with a family sending the wrong messages. Currently, he shows no aggression around the food bowl, bones or treats on a daily basis, but an adopter will have to earn his respect and trust. Banjo’s adoptive family will need to be dedicated to training him on an ongoing basis. They should be very active as he would love to run, walk and play, and keep stimulated. Whilst he is very friendly with all people (outside of food related scenarios) we would consider a family with young children too risky. Banjo would love a doggie sibling who is young, boisterous and active but would probably not suit a nervous or anxious sibling. He is currently fostering with two cats and is inquisitive and playful with them, and would be suitable to live with a cat. He is untested with pocket pets. Please do not apply if you live in an apartment, townhouse or home with no yard, or if you have children under ten.

The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.