Breed: Lab X Kelpie
Age: 18 Months

Buddy is an 18mo Lab x Kelpie, though we suspect he may have a bit of Whippet or GSP in him. He has been vet checked, heartworm treated, vaccinated, microchipped and desexed. Buddy has no major medical requirements.


Buddy is a very people oriented young man and desperately wants you to love him and spend time with him. He is kid friendly but overexcitable and sadly his most recent family (the only one we know of but definitely not the only one) couldn’t trust him due to his super excitement around them and the kids; he never showed any aggression with them but would jump all over them in his excitement and mouth them. Due to his excitability we won’t be considering any applicants who have small children, but older kids would be fine.


With Buddy we have been working on his socialisation with other dogs. He has shown some aggressive outbursts, inconsistently, but with work he has been able to hang out with other dogs who treat him with respect. Buddy could be suitable to live with an older calm dog, but definitely would not cope with a dog who is excitable or in his face. However, he would prefer to be the only dog in your heart, and will be quite comfortable to hang out on his own when you’re not home, once he feels at home.


Buddy has also needed work to socialise him to cats, and he has done well with this, but would probably be more suited to a cat free home. He is untested with pocket pets and livestock.


Buddy walks well on lead and has learned to heel. He can sit, drop, and stand on command, stay in position and has begun to learn his recall. He enjoys going for a walk but isn’t super active. He’ll love a good size yard and someone to throw the ball for him and just hang out. Buddy won’t enjoy being an outdoor only dog; he wants to come in and spend time with you, and during foster care he has been taught good manners inside the home so that he will be able to be a part of your family. He is a hanging out and snuggling sort of dog, so if you like a bit of the couch potato sort of life, Buddy is your man.


If you feel you would be a good match for a young man you has had a hard time so far and come out the other side with a very positive attitude and a love of life please send your email enquiry to caninelifeline@hotmail.com and we will forward an application form to you.


The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.