Breed: Staghound X
Age: 15 Months


Bio: We are delighted to introduce you to our very handsome young man called Clyde. Clyde came to us from our friends at Animal Aid and is listed as a staghound x. He certainly has the short wiry coat that would indicate he has a staghound heritage but his size and shape have a kelpie look. Clyde is one year old, vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and heartworm treated.


Clyde is a very active boy and would be looking for a family who can keep him active and stimulated. He might enjoy outdoor activities like camping, hiking, running or biking, so a family with outdoor activities at their heart would be ideal. He travels well in the car so family holidays would be very doable, and is crate trained so could be taken just about anywhere.


He is a boisterous and somewhat pushy boy and whilst he is doing well at learning not to jump up and push his people around, he would probably be too much for young children. He has a history of nipping & mouthing and whilst this has been worked to a good standard, it is still possible for him to experiment with this behaviour. For these reasons, applicants with little kids won’t be considered but older kids would be fine. A family who is going to continue on with the training that he has been receiving would be ideal.


Clyde is friendly with other dogs and loves to play, but can be very boisterous. He is currently fostering with several dogs that he loves to play with, and whilst he enjoys their company, a doggy sibling is not a must if he will get to spend a lot of time with his humans. Clyde needs supervision around livestock and cats – he is not aggressive but may want to chase. He is untested with smaller pets. He also needs excellent fencing as he can climb over a fence when he wants something.


Clyde has learned to sit and drop on command, sit and drop stay, and his recall is a work in progress. He walks well on lead and could probably learn to run beside a jogger or bicycle quite easily. He is not a big barker and is good about not stealing stuff or chewing stuff, though his original surrender report included chewing behaviours which we have not seen, and he will do a bit of digging in his yard.


In an ideal world we would love to see him fit in to a semi rural lifestyle with plenty of space to run in a well fenced yard with a couple of teenage kids, but he might be equally at home with an active suburban couple. On weekends he could be included in camping trips or family barbeques, and during evenings he could be invited inside to hang with the family whilst they eat or watch a movie. Are you a family that could include an active young fellow? Enquiries can be sent to for an application form to be sent to you.

The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.