Breed: Lab X Border Collie
Age: 14 Months

Introducing our boy Cooper, a one year old Labrador x Border Collie. Cooper is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm treated. He has no major medical requirements. Cooper came to Canine Lifeline via our friends at Animal Aid after he was surrendered into their care. He has had two homes but no training that we know of.


The best word to describe Cooper is sweetheart. He is a soft hearted, loving boy who is very desperate to please. He tends to be a bit submissive and often thinks he is in trouble when he isn’t, but his confidence is growing and he’ll benefit from a family who will help him feel confident and take his training to a whole new level. He is a quick learner but not excessively active – he’ll love to go for walks but not need as much exercise as most Collies. He has a good dose of the lazy Lab in him.


Cooper is friendly with all people that he meets, but he might be better in a home without tiny children as he might knock them over unintentionally. He is occasionally motivated to play with toys but they are not his favourite thing; he would much rather cuddle on your lap. He will chase a ball but doesn’t know what to do with it after that and will more than likely drop it and just run back to you for pats.


Cooper likes other dogs and would enjoy living with another dog of a similar size and temperament, though he is comfortable spending time alone. He does lack understanding sometimes of how far to go when playing and will need guidance about play that is excessive and how to not dominate other dogs. He has previously been surrendered after he was seen to grab and shake a smaller dog (in the presence of a bone) and so he must be considered unsuitable to live with or be left alone with a small dog, even though he currently is fostering with four dogs smaller than himself without an issue. Applicants with a small dog will not be considered.


Cooper is also fostering with two cats. He shows no inclination to chase or harm them in any way, and in fact is quite gentle with them. He is untested with pocket pets or livestock.


Cooper can sit & drop on command, sit & drop stay, he walks well on lead and is learning to come when called. He is getting good at not barging in the door uninvited and, though he needs a little reminding, he is getting good at not barging into rooms that are off limits. Cooper doesn’t jump on people or furniture, and is learning not to jump on the door or window when he gets excited. He shows no inclination towards stealing, or digging but may be a little destructive if left alone for long periods. He can be a bit of a licker.


Cooper will be looking to join a family that he can be a part of; a family that will continue helping guide him to being the confident young man that we know he can be. If you feel that you might be his forever family please send an email enquiry and we will forward an application form.


The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.