Breed: Lagotto
Age: 4 years

Hi, my name is Teddy. I’m a 4 year old Lagotto ... ok, go on, Google it! Not many people know my breed but I can tell you ... I’m Italian! Chiao! Of course I love water - my breed name actually means Lake Dog, so it only seems fit that I live up to it right? To touch me, I kinda feel like a lamb. Weird but really cool at the same time.

I’m a medium sized dog and I love human interaction. I’ve also learned to play tug and chase with my foster sister and have quite a good time playing with her so if you have another young friendly dog, I’m happy with that! My favourite thing to do is go for a walk so if I see you put on your sneakers, I’m ready to go! I walk well while I’m out and I’m not bothered by other dogs either.

I also like to be vocal at times, whether it's a random bark here or there, or when I get startled, or sometimes I tend to have a little sook for attention. With continuous help, I’ve been getting loads better though. I can be needy at times so I'm learning that it's not always all about me, and that my foster parents have other furs to pat and they only have 2 hands. Lol.

I know sit, drop, stay and walk nicely on lead. I also come back most times when they call me. Foster parents have taught me boundaries so when I go inside, I am restricted from some rooms in the house which at times I try to be cheeky and barge through. Mainly the laundry where the cat food is. I'm a little obsessed with food. My furever home would need to be someone always keen for walks as I need the exercise. I need to get my summer body back ready in time for the beach. My manners once I'm inside the house are really good. I always wait to be invited on the couch for cuddles but when they do invite me up I just can’t sit still and I'm off again. Silly me ... I enjoy their cuddles.

I'm cat, kid and dog friendly. If you're interested in giving me a great home, send me an application and I'll get my foster parents to have a read through. caninelifeline@hotmail.com

Please Note:
Please no apartments or unsecured large rural properties.
Teddy will be choosing a home where she is allowed inside and can have fun with another young dog, and/or some kids who don’t mind a bit of rough and tumble so no little tiny ones.
Teddy will be too much for elderly or infirm owners.


The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.