Breed: Spoodle
Age: 4 years

Introducing our boy Petey who is looking for a special forever home. Please read fully before you decide to apply as he is more than just good looking, and he is looking for a very specific type of home. Petey is a four year old english cocker spaniel x poodle, and is fully vet worked.

Petey is dog friendly and is happy to hang out with dogs, but doesn’t really play with them, however he’ll enjoy having company in a new forever home as long as the other dog isn’t all over him all the time. He is also cat friendly. Petey takes a while to warm up to humans however so you’ll need patience to be his forever family. Once he knows you he’ll want to play with you, he loves toys a lot and enjoys a game with his person a lot, and he’ll love to be patted and scratched but he is NOT a cuddler. If you’re looking for a lap dog this is not the boy for you. He doesn’t enjoy being picked up, cuddled or sitting on laps – once he knows you well he may tolerate these, but will be out of there and back to playing on the floor the second he can. He also doesn’t enjoy being brushed so you’ll need patience and a good groomer to work with him in this area.

Petey has a history of resource guarding, and prior to foster care and training was prepared to do whatever it might take to guard his personal spaces, so for this reason, homes with children under 16 will not be considered. He does not guard toys or food, and is being rehabilitated for his guarding tendencies so his forever family must be prepared to take on the rules and reinforcement he’ll require to make any potential adoption a success.

Petey is a mainly healthy boy but has an ongoing requirement regarding his spinal care – he has four calcified vertebrae, and is on an ongoing course of arthritis prevention that will need to be kept up for life. If you meet him you’ll notice straight away that he walks/runs a little different to most dogs – he is currently in no discomfort but cannot manage to walk the way an average dog does – and there is no reason for him not to live a good quality life under good quality ongoing vet care.

Petey was raised in a home with no yard, and the setup may certainly have contributed to him having the behavioural issues that he has, and so for this reason apartments and townhouses will not be considered. He must have a yard to hang out in when no one is home, and in fact he often prefers to hang out outside even when his foster family are home. His toilet training is good, no deliberate toileting inside, but does have a habit of marking outside. He travels well in the car and is crate trained for nights.

So if you think you tick all the boxes for Petey please email us for an application form at but please don’t apply if we’ll need to reject your application based on any of the above as we hate to offend, but Petey’s needs are specific. Preference will also be given if you are prepared to keep up his current training which is working well for him.

The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.

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