Breed: J.R. X
Age: 2 years

Baxter is a 2 year old Jack Russell X. He has a wonderful, happy go lucky personality and loves everyone. Baxter enjoys going for a walk, chasing a ball and playing tug. He especially loves cuddles on the couch. While Baxter is incredibly friendly, he can get too over excited and has been learning about self -control while with his foster mum. Initially he got so excited he couldn’t listen to instructions and didn’t have any manners with people or other dogs, but this has improved with help and guidance. He does still sometimes get a bit too overexcited so wouldn’t be suitable for young children, quiet dogs or older dogs.

Baxter wouldn’t like to be home all day on his own and would probably exhibit some nuisance barking if left alone all the time. So his ideal family would be with someone who is home quite a bit, maybe a parent with older children 10+ years, or someone who works from home or only works part time and has another young, exuberant dog that enjoys playing and is very tolerant.

Baxter does have a couple of medical issues to be aware of: he can get some skin allergies – gets a bit of a red chest and eyes and can scratch a bit at times (we believe it is probably grass allergies) he hasn’t needed any medication for this condition since been in care. The second issue is he has a luxating patella (dislocating kneecap) and while it doesn’t need surgery immediately, he certainly will need it in the future. This surgery can be reasonably expensive and does require post-operative care to ensure it heals well. So please be very mindful that this is something you are able to commit to before applying.

In saying that, if you think you might be the ideal family please email: to be sent an application form.


The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.

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