Breed: Cavoodle
Age: 2 yrs

Hi my name is Milo and I’m looking for a special home and family to adopt me. I’ll need you to love me and walk me and play with me, and most especially I’ll need you to train me and be firm with me. I’ll be a good boy if you’re firm with me but I’ll run riot if you let me push you around.

I’m a two year old cavoodle – white and curly, and I get dirty easily (being white) but my fur doesn’t matt up easily, and if you give me a regular brush dirt tends to dry up and flake off me. I like being brushed and I’m a good boy for the groomer – and I’ll need to be groomed regularly. I’ve been desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and heartworm treated so you won’t need to do much for me other than my monthly heartworm treatment.

I’m very playful and I get along with dogs and cats, though I reckon nervous dogs or elderly dogs would find me a bit too much to cope with. I also play a bit too rough sometimes so I need guidance from you about behaving well when I play. I’m more pushy with dogs smaller than me, but I’m not trying to hurt them.

So my most special requirement is – no children! I won’t be allowed to live with kids or live in a home with child visitors like grandkids, or nieces and nephews, because I have bitten a child in my first home (who loved me dearly but couldn’t trust me). Please don’t apply for me if you have kids in your life. I’m behaving so well now that I’ll be allowed to try to have another family but you’ll need to be serious about handling me well and training me properly otherwise I’ll end up reverting back to my defensive behaviours.

I’m a loving, happy go lucky little man most of the time and when I love you I’ll love you with all my might. Could you handle loving me? Send the trainers an email at and they’ll send you an application form if you meet my criteria. Not available for Adoption Only; available now for Adoption with Assistance or Adoption and Training


The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.