Breed: Great Dane X Wolfhound
Age: 1 year & 5 months

Minnie is a very special dog. Her beautiful eyes will melt your heart and you will fall instantly in love with her. This happens to everyone she meets – adults and children alike. She’s outgoing and friendly and loves to be patted. She loves her training, particularly the rewards which are cuddles – her favourite thing.
Minnie is happy, playful and lightning fast. She loves running around with her foster brothers and sister and plays very nicely with them. However, they are all large dogs and the lovely staff at our doggy day care say she can be a bit of a klutz around smaller dogs so is probably better suited to the company of a larger dog.
Minnie has a high metabolism which, coupled with her energetic approach to life, means she struggles to keep weight on. Her new family will need to make sure that she gets plenty of quiet time. Her weight will need to be monitored regularly and feeding adjusted to ensure she maintains a healthy weight.
Minnie is only 16 months old and is very much a puppy at heart. She will need to continue her training to ensure that she grows up into a beautiful, well-mannered dog. She’s very smart and picks up her training very quickly, however she can be a little pushy, as smart dogs often like to be.
Minnie’s foster family includes a couple of cats whom she has shown very little interest in. She has also met older and younger kids during her time in foster care and played very nicely with them. Although there are no children at her foster home, she has previously lived with children.
She walks very nicely on a lead and is quite a “house proud” girl who likes things neat and tidy. She’s a very gentle dog. She came into foster care with two soft toys which she absolutely loves and caringly takes to bed every night. Minnie is a lovely dog and is going to make the right family very happy.

Minnie is approximately the height of a labrador, she has a slim build almost like a greyhound, but with the beautiful face of the great dane. She weighs in at around 26kg. She is people & kid friendly, dog & cat friendly but is untested with livestock or pocket pets. She'll need space to run around so applicants who live in an apartment or only have a small yard will not be considered.


The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.