Breed: Dalmatian X Whippet
Age: 8 years
Ziggy Headshot.png



It’s our pleasure to introduce to you all the lovely Ziggy. She is an 8yo Dalmation x Whippet who is in the prime of life and sadly looking for a new direction for her forever home. Ziggy is around the size of a big Whippet, with a similar body size & shape, though slightly stockier. Ziggy is in excellent health, is vaccinated desexed microchipped and heartworm treated.

This sweet little lady has been cherished in her former home for her entire life and is now sadly looking for a forever home who will continue to cherish her, but it will need to be a home without children or regular child visitors. Ziggy is a little on the nervious side and gets a bit anxious, but will settle into an environment where she can spend lots of time with her humans. She’ll suit an active retired couple or someone who works from home a lot. Children make her nervous and she may get snappy. Not so with adults though, she adores every person she meets.

Ziggy doesn’t want or need doggy company, but has gotten used to the other dogs in her foster home, so may benefit from the company of an older, mature, calm canine companion. She will not cope with dogs who are boisterous and get in her space, so if you are looking for a dog to take to the dog park, Ziggy is not the girl for you, as she will be unlikely to enjoy this. She will however love to go for walks and outings with you, weekends away will be a joy and brunch at a café a pleasure. Ziggy is also cat friendly.

She is a polite and unobtrusive companion around the home who is happy to sit beside you, lay at your feet or chill out on her bed. She likes a good zoom around the yard, and I suspect that once she starts to feel comfortable in her home that she’ll like to play with a toy or two. She walks well on lead and is easy to spend time with.

If you feel like you may have a good home for a sweet girl like Ziggy, send us an email to caninelifeline@hotmail.com and we’ll forward an application form.

Medical notes

Ziggy has no major medical requirements. However as a girl who is getting along in years, she occasionally takes an anti inflammatory if she overdoes is with the play and running around.

The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.