Breed: Beagle
Age: 4.5 Years


Bio: Introducing Annie, a lovely tri colour female Beagle. Annie is four years old, vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and heartworm treated.

Annie is a soft natured sweet young girl, still very puppyish even though she is four. She is sensitive and will startle easily and needs a family who will continue working on building her confidence. She has gained confidence through understanding her obedience commands and through learning general manners and boundaries, and she would like to continue this with her forever family so she always knows where she stands.

Annie likes people & kids but can be hesitant initially when meeting someone for the first time but warms up quickly. She would thrive in a quiet home more than a busy home but will enjoy going for quiet walks with plenty of sniffing time. She is not suitable to be off lead at the park or beach as she will tend to run if startled or to just follow her nose when distracted. She walks well after the initial excitement and we are working on her not pulling to begin the walk.

In her current foster home Annie is getting along well with her foster siblings, both dogs and cats. She is very curious about the cats but has made no attempt to chase or play with them, merely watching them and will lick them. She enjoys the company of the foster dog siblings and will sometimes run and try to play with them. Like an inexperienced child she can get over-rough with a similar size dog when she gets overly enthusiastic about play.

Before coming into foster care Annie spent some time in a shelter environment where she was unable to thrive (in spite of the lovely staff who gave her every assistance) and she resorted to showing aggressive behaviours to dogs who would come past her enclosure. Initially in foster care we saw this behaviour from her on a couple of occasions towards a dog on the other side of the fence but not towards any dogs that she has met face to face, on or off lead. It is something that we continue to monitor and work on with her. She is often uncertain how to interact and will need your help.

Annie’s favourite thing is food. She loves her dinner, any dinner, and a treat will have her attention in no time. She has shown the tendency to go hunting for food that doesn’t belong to her so we have worked on things like her not putting her feet or nose up on the dining room table, not coming into the kitchen uninvited or stealing food of the shelf. She needs to be watched inside the home as she will tend to go hunting for food she can access.

Annie is medically fit but does have an issue with carsickness. She hates going in the car and stresses about it to the point of making herself sick. Our vet has prescribed some tablets she can take prior to car travel that prevent her from vomiting during travel but she will still stress about it – she doesn’t have any kind of tantrum but will drool non stop, so she would prefer a home where it isn’t often necessary for her to go on many car trips.

Annie’s ideal home will be a quiet family, potentially with children as she is quite calm but does like a game, and she would enjoy a calm fur sibling to hang out with but not a dog who is going to be all over her, forceful in initiating play or pushy. If you feel you could be the ones for Annie please send an email to us at and we will send you an application form.

The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.