Breed: J.R. X
Age: 8 Months

Hi my name is Tessa and the world revolves around me! Or it should anyway! I’m super confident, outgoing, friendly as the day is long and you’ll love me I’m sure of it. I love all people and dogs, and I’m pretty keen on cats too. I’m super energetic, curious and sharp as a tack! And I’m cheeky and full of spunk.

I’m looking for a home with a yard so I can run around a lot, and a family with energy and enthusiasm. I want to play with you, and go for walks, and go to training to learn all kinds of new things. I need to be kept physically fit and mentally stimulated or I’ll easily look for fun (naughty) things to do to amuse myself. If you have a dog for me to live with it better be pretty playful and tolerant; I don’t stop easily and can sometimes be rough, though I have no bad intentions.

Foster mum said I used to be very naughty with jumping up and nipping at faces/hair. I still like to leap around when I get excited but I’m learning that jumping on you isn’t appreciated and nipping makes my people cross. I’m getting good at restraining my over enthusiasm but just to be safe no toddlers or babies please as I might knock them over. I am good with kids, just too enthusiastic. I probably might pinch food from their hands too so I would need to be watched at that time.

Sometimes when I get too excited I still do a little wee. I don’t puddle in the house but in my excitement sometimes a little leak will happen. The vet says I’m fine and maturity will help, but foster mum still uses lots of techniques to help me calm down. I am learning to obey boundaries inside the house and I don’t get on the furniture uninvited. Still on my “needs work” list are digging a bit (so I need good fencing), barking a bit and sometimes jumping on the back door. I go well in the car and at the vet.

I’m learning to sit, drop and stay. Walking on lead is so exciting that I forget how to walk well sometimes and need lots of reminding. My recall isn’t very good so I am not suitable to be off lead in public (sigh!) just yet; I’ll need your help with that over time.

Tessa is a eight month old Jack Russell x; she is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and heartworm treated. Please no applicants in apartments or town houses; she needs a yard. No elderly or infirm applicants; she will run rings around you. No toddlers or babies but she is kid friendly. She is not a lap dog though she will enjoy a quick cuddle before she is off again.

If you feel that you can offer Tessa a fantastic life please email us at caninelifeline@hotmail.com so we can send you an application form.


The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.