Breed: Bull Terrier X Staffy
Age: 2 years
Mia Headshot.png



Hi! My name is Mia.

Let me tell you a little about myself before you click apply. I am a 3 year old staffy x bull terrier, desexed, microchiped and heart worm treated. I am the sweetest girl you will ever come across. I'm more of a people dog than a dog’s dog, and I love to get pats and cuddles. I will look deep into your eyes, with the sweetest look, so that you will find it hard to resist patting me. I have been learning that I can’t be pushy, and I am good at waiting for you to pat me.

My foster parents have been training me in obedience, on lead and off lead. I know how to sit, drop, stay, walk nicely on lead and come when I am called. I listen really well even under distraction, and let me just say that there is lots of distraction at my current home. How clever am I! They have also been teaching me manners when I come inside the house. I don't jump up on furniture until they invite me, but I like it when they do invite me as I get lots of cuddles. I also have boundaries on where I can and can’t go in the house and I’m respectful of their wishes.

I also live with four other dogs, who I get along well with, and they range in sizes. At the beginning I was being too boisterous whilst playing with them, but I have learnt to play nicely and its more fun that way as I get to play more. My big foster brother, a German Shepherd, was not happy with me the other day as I destroyed 2 of his beds. Sorry bro! Forgive me? Oh and my foster dad got wet as I chewed the hose and forgot to tell him when he used it. Sorry again lol. I'm also very lucky to be here as I tested fate by chewing a power cord. Lucky they had some safety switch that they keep talking about. I've been good since then and haven't destroyed anything since but my new family needs to be aware of my past. Please don't hate me for this.

I have two feline foster siblings which don't phase me at all, so if I go to a home with a cat that will be fine. I also have 2 rabbits living with me currently. At the moment my foster parents are teaching me to leave them alone. When the bunnies are roaming free, Dad has me on lead as I cant be trusted just yet, and for this reason it would be best that I go to a home with no rabbits or other pocket pets. I can be off lead with them when they are safely in their enclosure and I am pretty relaxed when in the same room. It’s mayhem here with all my furry friends but I like it.

They say I showed some anti social behaviour towards men in my previous home, hence why I am in foster care, yet I have not shown anything of this kind towards my current foster carers or when I meet people. Maybe, the training that I have been doing has taught me to be a really good girl and I'm enjoying the pats and cuddles more.

I love to play. I'm not really interested in tennis balls but bring out a bigger ball like a basketball and I will be in heaven. I will run for ages with it and get others to play "catch me if you can". I need to be a home with no young kids as I can be quite boisterous at times and I would love for my future family to continue the training that I have been doing, as it will give me the best possible life to be a happy, obedient and well mannered dog. If you think you can be the one, please click apply. Please be patient afterwards as I think my sweet face will get a lot of applications. I'm cute and I know it. lol.

The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.