Breed: Dachshund X
Age: 4.5 year



Helloooo! Are you looking for meeee! I’m Gus and I live life with gusto. I’m four or maybe five years old, not 100 percent sure. I’m mostly Dachshund (long body but legs not too short) but also a bit of something else, also not too sure, but something with speed and tenacity like a Mini Foxie or Jack Russell maybe. I’m desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and heartworm treated.

Foster Mum says I had a few too many Red Bull’s but it’s just that I love everyone and everything, and I want to go everywhere and do everything…all at once. I’m speedy and energetic and I live life to the fullest. When I focus on something I do get a bit obsessed. Foster Mum says a good example of that is when I focus on her cat, I get really obsessed and I stare, and I’d like to chase but I’m not allowed to. I don’t want to hurt the kitty…I don’t think, but just to be sure, no applicants with kitties or other little pets please, and no chooks.

I like dogs and I hang out with them really well, but I’m not obsessed. I’ll be happy if I have canine company or even if I don’t. Sometimes I get really playful with my foster brother but usually we just hang out. I don’t mind big dogs or little ones, but pay attention when I first meet them on lead as I can be pushy at first.

I can sit and drop when asked and am learning to stay. Coming when you call me is a work in progress – you won’t be able to let me off lead in public as I will run! And run! And run. I love to go for a walk but I seriously want to make sure you go as fast as me and I know I’m not meant to pull on the lead but I guess I do forget that sometimes. I walk better when I’m the only dog walking, maybe I compete a bit with the others sometimes. I’m trying to be better.

I am beyond the naughty puppy stage so I don’t steal chew or destroy your stuff. I do like to mark my territory but I won’t do it inside the house. I’m not a nuisance barker but I will run the fence line if I can hear your neighbours dog on the other side and sometimes bark at him.

Do you want a canine companion to share your adventurous and busy life? One who you can take places and who can share your passion for expending energy? But at the same time a buddy to be a lapdog for cuddles in the evening? Well that’s me for sure. Apply now! Choose me and I’ll choose you!

The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.