Breed: Kelpie X B.C.
Age: 1 year

Hello! My name is Bella, I’m twelve months old and I’m a kelpie x border collie. I have been desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and heartworm treated. I also have had a dislocating patella repaired so my dodgy leg is no longer an issue, but I have a tiny bit of arthritis because of it, so I take a supplement in my meals. I don’t need any other treatment and it does not slow me down at all, but sometimes when I wake up it’s a bit stiff and I can limp for a few steps. I love to race around and my energy levels are boundless.
I don’t want you all to feel sorry for me but I would like to let you know why you’ll need to be patient with me. When I was four months old I had a broken leg. I don’t know how to tell you how I got it, but my human didn’t get me treated properly. I was lucky that the lovely people at Animal Aid Gippsland took me away and fixed my broken leg and my patella. I had to live in a crate for months and I missed out on training and socialising. Some damage was done to my confidence and I’m nervous of people. I don’t want you to touch my legs and I’m scared you’ll hurt me – I want to love you, but it takes me a while to be sure if I can. It will take a while for me to be confident with you. Because I’ll get scared and run off, I can’t be off lead in public. I am toilet trained but I sometimes do a little wee when I get excited, scared or am feeling submissive. I should grow out of that as I grow in confidence & maturity.
I love dogs, especially a dog who will play with me. I can be too rough sometimes, and some dogs won’t like that but I usually won’t annoy them. I like toys but I’d rather run and play. I like to do a bit of digging so I’ll need some guidance – my training has begun with my foster family and I hope that you’ll want to continue to train me. My training helps me gain confidence in the world around me and in you, my handler, my family. I like cats and I’m really curious about them but they find me a little intense. I’m not aggressive with them but I think it might be fun to chase them if they run but foster mum won’t let me.
I can sit & drop when you ask me to and I know how to stay. I won’t recall to you until I really trust you but once I trust you I recall really well. When I know you better I’ll be really keen to come when you call. I walk well on lead most of the time but I can be a bit naughty trying to take my halter off sometimes. I won’t drag you down the street though. Sometimes I jump up when I get a bit overexcited but my foster family have been teaching me not to do that and mostly I get the idea. I don’t steal stuff but I am a killer of toys; I like them but I like to pluck them and deconstruct them.
I love to jump in the car and go for a trip with you, and I travel well. You’ll be able to crate me if needed as I have plenty of experience being crated. I would not be ok to hang around a campsite off lead, as I’ll be too nervous, but on lead would be fine if you help me get used to it. I would probably love activities like camping, hiking, running or biking if you teach me how.

Can you please be my family? Send an email to my foster mum at and she will send you an application form.


The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.