Breed: GSP
Age: 5 months


Bio: Hi my name is Loki and I’m six months old. I’m looking for my forever family and I’m ready to choose you…if you have the right situation for me.

I’m looking for a family. I love kids and people of all ages, but I’m too boisterous for little tiny kids or elderly people who might be on a frame or walking stick. I might accidentally knock them over as I want to play and race a lot, and when I wag I wag my whole body and my tail is like a whip. I want a house with a yard big enough for me to play and run, so no apartments or townhouses please.

I love dogs! All dogs! I want to play with them all and I don’t understand that some of them may not want to know me or play with me. I tend to get into their faces and invade their personal space. My family will need to continue teaching me to approach politely and to respect other dogs need for space. Also they’ll need to continue teaching me not to play too rough, though I only do that with a like-minded buddy. I’d love to have a sibling to play with everyday - he’ll need tolerance and plenty of energy. I also like cats, though I’m not sure if they like me.

I have been learning lots of things in my foster home. I can sit and drop on command, and I’m doing well with staying in position. I am not keen to walk calmly but I’m getting the idea and you’ll need to help me continue, and coming when called…well I do, mostly, sometimes…well ok not reliably yet but when I do, look out it’s a hundred miles an hour. I have been learning also about not jumping up or barging in the house until invited. I need to also learn about not chewing stuff…I’m still a pup in that way… and I do forget sometimes.

My family should be active and want to include me in their activities. I won’t like to be in a yard by myself all the time and I’ll sook and cry…I’m still a bit self centred and foster mum says I’m a perpetual sook. Don’t know what she means! Anyway, if you think I’m looking for you please send an email and she will send you an application form.

Love heaps, Loki GSP.

The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.