Breed: Spoodle
Age: 10 years

This may just be your soul mate.

Chippie is a softhearted, gentle soul who is looking for a quiet home where he can relax, settle in and grow old in peace. He must have a home without children or child visitors, as he doesn’t cope with kids.

Initially when you meet him he will be reserved and take a while to warm up and bond, but when he bonds he will bond hard. Chippie has some separation anxiety and so he gets stressed when left outside when his humans are not home, though he is quite happy spending time outside when he knows you are nearby. He is reliable inside the house, and is well and truly past the puppy-like stage of stealing/chewing/destroying things, and he will not soil inside the house, especially if you have a flap for him to use.

He has just turned ten years old and is in fine physical condition for an older gentleman. He has recently had a dental and is being treated with pain relief for mild back soreness, though X-rays reveal no structural damage. So his adopter will need to be prepared for the natural soreness that comes with getting a bit older. He still has plenty of energy to run around and will love to go for walks with you and play a bit of ball.

Chippie is dog and cat friendly, and would love to have a mature canine companion or a cat for company. He is unlikely to enjoy the undivided attention of a pushy puppy. He does not enjoy the attention of strangers but will warm up to them over time so a home that likes to entertain regularly is not for him but considerate visitors would be fine.

Can you provide a loving forever home for a mature gentleman who will love you unconditionally?


The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.