Breed: Mastiff X
Age: 6 Months



Introducing Bindi.

What a great addition to the family this little lady will be. At almost seven months old she is still growing, learning and maturing but her personality is fun and happy go lucky, and a bit cheeky. Bindi is looking for a home with an active couple or family as she has energy to burn, and she is extremely curious, confident and outgoing.

Her ideal family will have no small children, primary school age or below will not be considered, but teens would be ideal, and she loves all people so an extended family of adults would also be great. Hopefully the family will be into sports or hiking, or something active that Bindi could learn to be a part of, so that she gets to go along instead of left at home alone.

Bindi is dog friendly, so a doggy sibling is a maybe for her – she is generally an excitable girl, and tends to be pushy, overly inquisitive and gets too playful or in-your-face for some dogs. She doesn’t understand that some dogs don’t want to play with her, and she usually wants to play with the exact toy that someone else has, so older dogs may find her annoying. Bindi is also cat friendly, but again can be intrusive and overly curious.

Obedience is coming along well and she knows sit, drop, stay and heel. Recall is a work in progress so she is not suitable at this stage to be off lead in public or unsecure areas. She is also doing well with learning general manners and we have been getting on top of jumping up, stealing stuff, chewing and racing around the house. She understands boundaries. However, as a young dog her adoptive family will need to be prepared to monitor and guide all of these behaviours as she’ll let her curiosity or excitement get the better of her sometimes.

So if you are a family ready for a cheeky new family member this may be the girl for you. Send an email to and we’ll forward an application form for you.

The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.