Breed: J.R. X
Age: 6.5 years

Hi, my name is Ellie. I am a 6 year old Maltese x Jack Russell and I am looking for my forever home. A family that can give me lots of loving and to hang out with. I am desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm treated. I don't have any major medical requirements.

I'm looking for a quiet, calm home that I can settle down in. I like to relax but that is more when I have had a good walk, as I enjoy these a lot. For the most part I am a bouncy, bubbly little girl that likes to move around. Always looking to see what is going on or what is the next thing I can do. Quite inquisitive.

I am dog friendly but in saying that, I don't like it when they are in my face and forcing me to play. At those times I can get a little snappy but I can live with other dogs as long as they are calm and mature. Of course, I can tolerate an older puppy but it has to be the right kind. I would not mind at being an only dog in your home as I would love all the attention from my humans.

I am more of a people dog and I have lots of love to give once you get to know me but you will have to be patient with that. This is also the same when it comes to wanting cuddles on the couch. I will happily curl up on the couch with you after some time. With some continual training that would be sooner rather than later. Sadly though I am not suitable to live with children and I’m not a good candidate for a retirement home. My current foster parents are teaching me right and wrong when socializing but that is under constant supervision. I do love to be indoors but my humans must understand that I do require to spend some time outside even if its by myself so I can have some Ellie time.

I have been undergoing training for these issues and if any potential adopting humans is interested in me, they will need to continue guiding me on the right path so I don’t go back to my former bad habits. I already know sit, drop, stay and walk nicely on lead so my walks are always enjoyable for me and my humans.

I'm not a stealer or destructive though I might help myself to any tasty treats that my paws may reach. My jumping on furniture is improving immensely but at times I will show my cheeky side and try and jump up without invitation. I know this is naughty so I am getting better at it. My foster parents have been teaching me boundaries and that certain rooms are off limits. I'm very proud of myself and I'm doing excellent with this. I can tell because I get lots of praise when I behave.

I am fantastic with cats and they don't bother me at all. My foster carers have 2 cats and I'm always on my best behaviour with them. My potential human home will need to fully understand that I am not good with fireworks and thunderstorms but who is. Being inside during these times makes me more relaxed but after a big event like New Year it can take 1 or 2 days to get back to my normal self.

I'm just looking for a forever home that is nice and a relaxed environment and my humans can exercise me regularly. Can you provide a safe comfortable home and a family for me that will help me along the right path with some training? Send an email to us at caninelifeline@hotmail.com for an application form.


The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.