Breed: Maremma
Age: 3 years
Popeye head shot_edited.jpg



Introducing a special young man – Popeye the Maremma. Popeye is 3 years old, desexed, vaccinated, heart worm treated and microchipped.

Popeye is looking for a very special Mum & Dad to adopt him for his forever home. Firstly they’ll need patience and understanding as he is under socialised and quite scared of a lot of things. Cars that go past, kids on a bike, a garbage bin, dogs that lose the plot behind a fence, things that go bang – all have the potential to startle him, some will make him try to flee. He does not become aggressive, but is simply frightened. His new forever people will need to be ready to help him out but not hide him away, take him into challenging situations gradually, and help him learn that things are not always so scary as he thinks they might be.

For these reasons we’ll be looking for a home for Popeye that does not have children or regular child visitors – whilst he has shown no signs of aggression to kids that we have seen, they are too unpredictable and he would not enjoy their presence. So far Popeye is indifferent to the presence of cats, chooks and most dogs. He has no need of canine company and so we’ll be choosing a home where he is the only dog. He may be able to get to the point of “looking after” chooks or livestock but we certainly have not trained him for this role.

His forever home will have either a large suburban back yard or a semi rural property. Good fencing (no farm fencing) is a must as he would certainly try to flee if scared sufficiently. No apartments, town houses or small suburban blocks will be considered. Popeye does not particularly enjoy being inside the house but loves the garden in his foster home, and that is understandable given he was raised in an apartment – which most certainly contributed to his socialisation issues. A dog run would also be a total bonus as he has become very attached to having his own personal spot that he can go to and feels safe in, and initially in a new home whilst he hasn’t yet bonded with his new humans they will need the ability to keep him relatively contained and control his access to moving away from their attentions.

Popeye knows how to sit, drop, stay and walk well on lead – though his walking is often disturbed by things that startle him along the walk, most especially he is scared of cars/buses going past but he is not intentionally pulling on lead in this situation. His recall is non existent and probably will be this way until he feels super bonded with someone, so he is unsuitable to be off lead in public. If you are looking for a dog to take to the dog park Popeye is not the dog for you. He would not enjoy this at all.

So a very special forever home is needed for this handsome but slightly troubled young man. Are you the forever he is looking for? Send us an email at caninelifeline@hotmail.com and we’ll send through an application form.

The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.