Breed: Shihtzu X
Age: 7 years



Introducing a special little man. Scruffy is a Shitzu x Silky Terrier and he is seven years old. Scruffy is looking for a very special home with a very special family, as he is deaf.

Scruffy is an all round Mr nice guy. He loves all people and loves all dogs. He wants nothing more than to hang out with you, spend time with his family and his fellow canines. He doesn’t have separation anxiety but certainly won’t be keen to spend a lot of time alone. His family will need to be prepared to learn how to communicate with him so that he can come inside, hang out and go places as a part of the family. He’ll love to live with kids.

Scruff will be better off in a home without cats. He is not aggressive with them, but the chase instinct is there and without the ability to hear his humans asking him not to chase, he goes ahead and follows his inclination. He also occasionally gets a bit barky out in the yard but is otherwise quiet. He has the tendency to lift his leg a lot, and if left in the house unsupervised would mark inside, so he’ll need to come inside with you not on his own.

So an ideal family for our Scruffy might be a family with kids or without, definitely another dog for company for him, a family who is prepared to learn his rules & hand signals, and who is prepared to continue teaching him about being inside. He knows sit & drop and can stay in position, and has been learning to stay on his bed. He is crate trained and this would be an ideal overnight sleeping scenario for him. No small pets and not an apartment please, he loves to run around and hang out in the garden. No dog doors.

The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.