Breed: Great Dane
Age: 1 year
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No cats, no little kids.

Large Male Great Dane Dog

Hi, I’m Leo. I am a 1 year old Great Dane. I was put into foster care as I was not the right dog for my previous family. Now, I am ready to find my furever home. I am a big, active, playful, gentle giant. Foster Dad sometimes calls me a boofhead. Being big has its advantages but also comes with some disadvantages.
Everything required is big. I need to have space in the car for travel, the crate I sleep in (yes I am crate trained) and the other bed I have are big. Bowls are big, and yes, cleaning up after me - you can only imagine. I sometimes shake my head so be prepared to wear some drool. On the up side, you don’t have to bend far for a pat, I give big slobbery kisses if you like that and I have a very kind heart. Foster Dad laughs at me a lot when I play so I am great entertainment.
My furever family will need to be committed to exercising me physically and mentally so someone with a decent size yard is a definite. I have been undergoing some training whilst in care and I have been learning loads. On lead I can sit, drop, stay even under distraction, heel and I come to him when I am called. Foster Dad, loves taking me for a walk and he told me that I walk really nicely on a loose lead. He has been teaching me some manners as well. I know I am big and can be pushy, sometimes demanding for pats but I have been learning that I need to wait for pats and then would you believe…I actually get more. Even when the back door is opened, I don’t just barge through anymore and knock over whoever is in the way. I wait patiently for my invite. Once inside, its lights out. I see my comfy bed and its snooze time. I tend to pass out quickly and snore away. Yes, I snore but not too loud. I do let others sleep.

During my stay I have also been learning how to play nicely. Other dogs tend to freak out a little at the fact I am a giant and I also am still coming to terms with my size. I can get annoying a little if the dogs don’t want to play especially when I have so much energy to burn. I just want to play and play and play. I love toys and also I love playing tug but remember I am big and strong, so are you up for the challenge?

I am quite happy being on my own whilst foster dad goes to work and I also enjoy the rest as he has me running so much sometimes when I do go to work with him. I know I am young but we still need that rest time.
I am still learning how to interact with other dogs and do need continual guidance as I act like a big puppy, so would love for my family to be committed to teaching me so I get to have the best possible life. I am currently hanging out with a German Shepherd and a little Cavoodle but have also played in group play with other well mannered dogs under supervision for most of the time. Some human friends have been teaching me how to play nice so every doggie has a fun time. Although I play with other dogs, I think I am better off going to a home as a single dog. This way, all the attention can be on me from my humans. I tend to get some what annoying with other dogs and am always in their face wanting to play. Obviously, I have more energy than them. Some dogs unfortunately don’t want to play as much as me and this sometimes upsets them.

My history with cats is not the best so no cat homes please.

Anyways, I hope you like my story. If you do, feel free to request an application in the hope of joining your family.


The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.