Breed: Staghound X
Age: 1 year

Lucy Lu Lu is the one we would love to introduce to you today. This week Lucy will celebrate her first birthday and for her birthday she has asked for a new family please! Can you give us a hand with this?

She is a staghound x, probably crossed with a whippet or greyhound, as she is small compared to a staghound, but the hound is strong in her. She is lean and wiry, bigger than most whippets but smaller than the average greyhound, with the slight shagginess of the staghound. She has speed but no stamina. And such beautiful colouring. She is a fit and healthy girl, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and heart worm negative.

So the family that we are looking for to complete Lucy’s birthday wish will be semi active and want to bring her along with them on some outings and adventures, but will also bring her in to chill with them when they are watching tv or hanging as a family. She is hoping for some lovely adults and maybe some lovely kids, but not too little please, let’s say primary school age and upwards please. She would also request another young or playful dog for games and company at home with the family are out, but no cats or other small pets please, as she is built for the chase and she knows it.

Lucy is a sensitive soul and is worried about loud or boisterous activities. She has most likely had no experience inside a home, and is still figuring out how to behave – she isn’t ill behaved but just uncomfortable and will take a bit to settle in. She is still young in years and maturity, and may display some puppy like behaviours – chewingand digging are ones that we have seen. Please be ready to help her though these, and a family who is prepared to continue the training that we have begun in foster care would be super ideal.

So our no no’s for Lucy would be: no cats or other small pets, no really little kids as she can be boisterous, no apartment or town house style homes as she definitely will want to run (however don’t get us wrong she has no stamina and will snooze a fair bit) and no unsecured large rural properties – good fencing is a must! If you feel your family might be the birthday present we can give to Lucy please drop us an email at and we’ll forward an application form.


The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.