Breed: Spoodle
Age: 6 years

The Harley that we have come to know is loving, smoochie, playful, a little obsessive, and sometimes a little possessive. When Harley loves his people, he LOVES his people! He becomes a smoocher, a cuddler, a lovey dovey little man. When he doesn’t know people he can be defensive sometimes but warms to people quickly. During his time in foster care we have seen his behaviours towards those outside his family gradually stabilise and we need to introduce an adopting family who will be able to continue the work that has begun, with awareness that he should not be trusted around little kids.

Harley loves to play fetch and is good about bringing back the ball. When he plays he plays hard, can be vocal and can become possessive over the ball or toy (a previous home described him as the fun police) and so he needs to be watched and controlled in play with other dogs, as he can get cranky, which will get him into trouble with other dogs, and he tends to steal the ball. Harley is currently fostering in a multiple dog household but he would probably do well in a situation where all the loving and all the ball games are his and his alone.

Harley walks well on lead, can sit drop and stay on command, and his recall is getting pretty good (when he knows and trusts you). He has learned to stop jumping on people and furniture, and is improving in his understanding that some areas of the home are off limits.

Harley is looking for a home with no little kids but teens would be fine. He would be cool to live with a confident cat but not with chooks, and if another dog is part of the family it should be a mature, calm dog. His people should be prepared to continue to work on his training and socialisation. If you feel you might be the right match for Harley please send us an email at caninelifeline@hotmail.com to receive an application form.


The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.