Breed: Patterdale Terrier
Age: 11mths



Hi my name is Ebony. I’m a Patterdale Terrier, which is quite a rare breed in Australia. I look like a little miniature Kelpie but about the size of a Jack Russell. I’m now eleven months old, desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and heartworm treated.


Don’t let my size fool you – I am not a lap dog. I will enjoy a quick cuddle but I want to run, run, run and play, play, play. I am not a dog for an elderly or infirm person but would do well if you are active and like lots of walks, or if you want to teach me to run with you. I love toys and most especially balls. Please get me lots of balls of all different sizes and textures, even better if they squeak. However, be warned, I am a killer of stuffed toys! I had decapitated and destuffed quite a few until foster mum took them away. So sad!


I am a very curious and independent girl and if you don’t keep me stimulated I will keep myself occupied, and I don’t always make the best choices. I might experiment with some chewing or digging. I am very trainable, in fact foster mum says I’m sharp as a tack, and she wants to see me with someone who will continue my training. I like my training mostly so far. I can sit, drop, stay in position and I’m learning to not pull on the lead. Don’t expect me to come when you call me, though foster mum has started to teach me, I feel too distracted by everything around me and I will happily run off if I feel the urge without a single backwards glance. I should not be off lead in public as I love to run off.


I like dogs but I’m pushy and I don’t notice if dogs don’t like me or want attention from me. I assume they all will like me and want to play with me. I have experimented with some snappy, growly behaviour over my toys when the other dogs came close, and foster mum said I was very bad to do that, so I have stopped but you’ll need to watch out for it. I also like cats.


One time, a long time before I knew my foster mum, I annoyed an older dog so much he hurt me and I took quite a while to recover. I still have some baldy patches but my hair is growing back and my confidence is unshaken. I still need guidance on how to interact with dogs who aren’t as playful as I am, so you’ll need to take an active role there if you are going to be my family. I also get a bit itchy when the pollens are active but it’s really easy to keep me itch free.


Are you my family?


If you are interested in adopting Ebony you must have a very secure back yard, with good fencing especially at ground level, and you must be prepared to build on the training that she has begun. She’ll need plenty of stimulation and activity. She will be fine to live with kids, cats or another friendly dog. She also still needs some help with her toilet training, and she travels well in the car but is nervous about it. For an application form please send your enquiry to caninelifeline@hotmail.com

The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.