Breed: Border Collie
Age: 2 years
Gender: Male

Finn is a two year old Border Collie. He is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm treated.


Finn is an energetic, enthusiastic young man. If his entire day could be spent retrieving the ball, toy or stick he would be in heaven. He will bring it back to you again and again until you are exhausted, and still be ready for a bit more. However, when not fetching he is fairly happy just lazing or meandering about.


Finn enjoys human company and will like to hang out with you. He doesn’t desire the company of other dogs, but will tolerate them as long as they are not all over him or in his face, and also so long at they aren’t trying to take his toy away. He has a history of dog aggression for which he has undergone extensive training, but was sadly relinquished due to being unable to get along with another male dog at home. He had two female dog siblings that he got along well with, along with two cats.


Finn is currently fostering with four other dogs, including a male, and gets along with them, but none are boisterous ill-mannered types and he finds them easy to tolerate. However, we believe he would be best suited to a single dog environment as he does not look for their company or want to play with them, and he is not distressed to be alone. If a dog that he met initiated aggression he would consider being aggressive back, and so will need a handler who is dedicated to continuing his training. He is also fostering with two cats and whilst he shows interest in them he has not been aggressive; if a cat did a runner however he might chase for fun. He has been exposed to livestock including sheep, horses and chickens, and showed interest but no inclination to hurt them, but couldn’t be trusted not to chase them if he was off lead.


Finn is learning to walk well on lead, though he doesn’t love his halter and will try to take it off if he can. He sits & drops on command, can drop stay for an hour plus, and his recall is coming along well though still needing improvement. He is generally well mannered, refraining from jumping up unless super excited. He doesn’t steal and isn’t destructive, though the occasional hole might be his to claim.


Finn’s ideal home is one where he will be cherished as the only dog. His family should be active and want to take him out and about with them. He might enjoy running with you or by your side as you cycle. Above all else his humans must want to play ball. A lot. A suitable size yard for an active young dog is a must. If you feel this might be you, please feel free to email and we will forward an application form. Please no phone calls or text messages at this stage.



The adoption fee covers vaccinations, desexing, micro chipping and flea and worm treatments whilst the dog is in our care.