Welcome to Canine Lifeline Inc.

Welcome to the world of rescue dogs taken to a whole new level. Canine Lifeline aims to take on dogs that need behavioural help that they might not be able to receive elsewhere and give each dog the individual attention which that dog needs.


Our dogs are all fostered in the home of a trainer and all are taught obedience to a high level under distraction. We teach our dogs good manners in our homes and pride ourselves on teaching these skills to adoptive families so that the good manners can continue being practiced in their new forever homes. Also, boundaries to show clear leadership – coming into the house when invited and respecting areas of the home that are off limits.


Finally, behavioural modification where required. Some of our dogs may require a lot more attention than others and may take longer in foster care to become available for adoption. We hope that you will follow their progress on our facebook page and that where possible you will support their progress financially. Finally, we hope that you will consider a rescue dog as the next member of your family.


They are a cause well worth supporting.

Thank you for your support.